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Need a new needle?

There are several pieces of information which will help you find the correct stylus (needle)  for your turntable.

Type the model number of your turntable or the cartridge number into the search bar above.

Remember not to include dashes, spaces or dots, eg. PL510A


Not sure where to find the model name or number?


The original stylus code is the most useful information which you may find printed on your old stylus, or in the User Manual (if you have it) or printed on the top of the turntable.

Next best is the cartridge model number which you might also find in your manual, or the model of the turntable. 

You can also email us some photos of your old stylus if you have it and we'll help you track down the right one.


Search By Picture. is another way to match up your stylus.

We have grouped the styli into those that have similar appearance - winged, T-shaped, star wars fighter etc


 Still not sure of of the model numbers?  Email or call us and we’ll find it for you.




EMAIL enquiries sales@soundring.com.au   

PHONE 1300 769 078 


All prices quoted are in Australian dollars A$.

Free regular postage for all Soundring replacement styli within Australia.