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New Low Price, Same Great Performance!

Introducing the all new, but same as before, Record Doctor Series V. The new model offers the same great performance as the previous model but now at a much lower price! The Record Doctor III was US$299. The new Record Doctor V is only US$199.00. Due to the exchange rate and freight costs the Australian price for the 240V model is $365.00.

So if you enjoy listening to vinyl, you can hardly afford not to get a Record Doctor vacuum-powered record cleaner. It not only cleans your records, but it can also help prolong their life by keeping them free of dust, dirt, and grime.

"I think this compact all-in-one box is the way to go," reports Michael Fremer in his review for November 27, 2013. "I highly recommend the Record Doctor V to any serious vinyl fan who's been without a vacuum machine."

Here's How We Kept the Price So Low

We’ve made the Record Doctor for twelve years. During that time, three different companies provided the Record Doctor’s wood cabinet for us, and the price of the wood cabinet kept going up, and up, and up. First, it went up 25%. Then 50%. Then 100%. When the last cabinet maker folded, our cost of the wood cabinet through another maker was quoted with another 120% increase.

We were about to toss in the towel on the whole thing, rather than raising the price again. Then we got a tip on a brand new source that would provide the wood cabinet at such a low price, that it resulted in a $100 savings which we pass on to you!

Turn Your Records By Hand and Save a Handful of Cash

The vacuum powered Record Doctor is the most highly recommended low-price record cleaning machine in the world. Stereophile magazine calls the Record Doctor, "the least expensive way to effectively clean records."

Record Doctor V features the same vacuum motor and vacuum cleaning strip as much more expensive machines, but it does not have the expensive motor that turns records for you. So, turn the records by hand, and save a handful of cash!

The Record Doctor V features a precision roller bearing to make records spin easily, and a handy storage tank for the easy removal of spent record cleaning fluids. The Record Doctor V comes complete with a 4 oz fluid applicator bottle, applicator brush, and illustrated cleaning instructions. 

Here's a link to a YouTube video showing how to use it
and another one by Michael Fremer
This one by Mike Thomas discusses the RDV in more detail including some suggestions to improve it's use

There are numerous reviews online to read, do a Google search for "Record Doctor V review"

Record Doctor V User Manual

Brian's Review

 I am always looking for products that I think will provide outstanding value for my clients. This business has been running for more than 11 years and I was inspired to set up the website because I felt that there was a resurgence in interest in vinyl records and therefore people would be looking for related products, particularly cleaning products, because if there is one inescapable feature of vinyl records it is that they are notorious for their susceptibilty to dust and other crap.

So I started my website selling the Disc Doctor cleaning system because in my research his products seemed to be the most highly regarded. Although the DD cleaning system is very effective, and hundreds of customers in Australia are achieving good results, it is laborious. Vacuum based cleaning machines speed up the process and more effectively remove the dirty cleaning fluid off the records, but until now have been too expensive for most vinyl enthusiasts. There are record cleaning devices, like Knosti and SpinClean, which give good results and enable batches of records to be cleaned more efficiently, but they still aren't as good as a record cleaning machine (RCM) which sucks the dirty fluid off the record leaving it nearly dry and ready to play. The main problem with RCMs is the price, our least expensive one for many years has been the Moth RCM2 at about $1200 or $900 if you assemble it from a kit.

There have been a few low cost vacuum RCMs available over the years, mostly in the USA. The KABUSA EV1 requires the use of an external vacuum cleaner and I have tried to import them but without success. The Nitty Gritty Model 1 does have a vacuum motor but the 240V version was a lot more expensive than the 120V version and by the time it was freighted to Australia was still over $700 - a lot too high for most vinyl enthusiasts with modest numbers of records to be cleaned.

I have always thought that there would be a good market in Australia for a RCM under $500 but could never find one I could sell. I have experimented over the years and made up a number of prototypes but never come up with a design that I was satisfied with. Meanwhile, in the USA, a product called Record Doctor has been selling for about 12 years at about US$300, but only available as 120V. Recently the company behind it introduced a new version, made in China, and selling for US$199. Named the Record Doctor V it is also available as a 240V version for the European market, and therefore Australia. Although freight from the USA is still a significant factor it is available to Decibel Hi Fi to retail in Australia at a breakthrough price of $297.

I order some samples and as soon as they arrived opened one up to inspect and try it out. I had already read many of the reviews online, and although most were positive there are a sprinkling of negative comments so I wanted to see for myself before offering them for sale. I wasn't expecting much. I have used Loricraft and Moth RCMs for many years so the idea of a manually turned machine did not inspire me. Secondly, that fact that it is cheap and from China had reservations mounting concerning effectiveness, build quality, and reliability. I unpacke one and set it up on my workbench. The 240V model has a European power plug so I quickly replaced that with a legal Australian one rather than use a travel adapter.

I read the instructions carefully - placed the "platter" on the spindle, placed an LP on top and dribbled some of the RxLP cleaning fluid onto the record. Then I rotated it carefully, it wobbled a bit, and used the supplied brush to spread the fluid. It need more fluid than the instruction photo indicated but that was probably because the brush was dry and soaked up most of the initial amount. Then I flipped it over and turned on the vacuum motor while rotating it slowly. The noise from the motor is loud, although not as loud as the Moth RCM2. I removed the record and inspected the cleaned side and was impressed at how clean and dry it looked. I cleaned the other side and took the record to the lounge to hear how it sounded. Once again I was impressed. The record originally had dust, fingerprints and generally looked grubby. Now it looked new. It played quietly, not perfectly but I have yet to hear a cleaned record which is perfectly quiet.

So, in my opinion this RDV machine works as claimed.Record Doctor V vacuum record cleaning machine

What about other considerations like build quality and reliability? Well it's not a Loricraft! The cabinet construction is like an inexpensive loudspeaker - thin MDF with vinyl coating, but precision cut and very neatly assembled. The suction slot has a synthetic felt-like covering which will wear out and need replacing (so do Moth, Nitty Gritty, VPI etc). The bearing for the record platter is minimal but seems adequate. The brush for applying the cleaning fluid is not as good as the Disc Doctor brush but does the job. Overall I thought the unit was reasonably constructed considering the price so I thought I would look inside. This was a bit of a surprise. The vacuum motor is huge, it seems to be the same size as in a Moth RCM2, no wonder it is noisy. The interior size is about as small as it could possibly be. That means comments I have read about these machines getting hot are true but that's not likely to worry customers who only use it for small batches of records. The interior construction is sound, with reinforcement blocks at important positions for strength.I was concerned that there might be a problem with sucked off fluid affecting the fibreboard base and panels but very cleverly the designers have used a double PVC tube arrangement to collect the fluid, and there's a plug which enables the collected fluid to be drained away.

This is a cheap, but not at all nasty, vacuum record cleaning machine. It's an RCM for people with modest requirements, say batches of 10 records at a time. I am impressed with its clever design, robust build quality, and particularly its effectiveness in cleaning records. 
Performance: 7/10  Value for money: 9/10


Several people have asked regarding the cleaning of 45s. The main issue is that most of the suction slot needs to be covered when doing so. I have experimented and found that problem to be easily solved. I cut off a 6cm piece of standard garden hose, then slit it end to end and removed about a cm strip. This made a C shaped piece which clipped over the vacuum slot – it worked fine.

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