SOUNDRING D325SR Ceramic Stylus



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Soundring Number: 325

Cartridge Number: CX306

Cartridge Type: Ceramic

Stylus Tip: Stereo

Tracking Force: 6.0g


Brands/Stylus using this stylus:

Aiwa: 24D

Columbia - Denon: DSN19, DSN1

C.E.C: CP900

B.S.R: Monarch 1


Hitachi: DSST9

Electronic Reproducer: ERC800

Mitsubishi: 3D20

Micro: V120

JVC Nivico: DT7

NEC - Nihon: LP15

National - Panasonic - Technics: EPS04

Onkyo: DN1

Sansui: ST1

Ronette: TO284

Pioneer: PLN3

Piezo: Y270

Sony: ND116P

Sharp: STY134, STY113

Sanyo: STG3,

Vaco: Luxur 65977

Toshiba: N6C

Healing: Vaco Lux

Emerson: Vaco Lux

Yamaha: C1, C5

Thorn: RG1443

Sony: Vaco Lux

Silver: SS1405

Rank Arena: MC200

PYE: Vaco Lux


Brands/Cartridges using this stylus:

Aiwa: CX306, CX308

Columbia - Denon: PU440, PU450, EPU1, EPU24

CEC: CP900


Hitachi: XTS140

JVC Nivico: 31276, SCC3

National - Panasonic - Technics: EPC29, EPC69

Onkyo: OC2, OC11


Brands/Turntables or Systems using this stylus:

AWA: 1415, 1443, B80, B421, OS10, 40, 50, 60, 70, SE12, SR100


HMV: MC200

Hitachi: SDT7711

National - Panasonic - Technics: CSL130/5, FG521, 740DU, MSL110, SE15, SE25, SE40, SE53A, SE840, SF520, SG180, SG310, SG333, SG338, SG345, SG548E, SG567, SG725, SG740, SG760, SG766, SG1005, SG1010, SG1020, SS3010, SS8010, SG585, SG660

Onkyo: SM10, SM100, ST56, ST55

Sanyo: DC3711, DC570XL, DC800, DC880, DC904, DC900, DS18, DS20, DS21, DS21, DS23, DS25, DS33, DS40, DS41, DS50T, DS92, DS92, DS95, DS404, G2212, G2213, G2215, G2216, G2312, G2512, G2517, G2519, G2602, G2612, G2615, G2601, G2525,GXT4301, GXT4360, GXT4410, GXT4501, GXT4503, GXT4504K, GXT4505, GXT4507, GXT4512, GXT4514, GXT4521, GXT4540, GXT4560, GXT4590, PG12, SPT1007, SPT1100, T18, T20, T21, T25, T40, T41, TP115 



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