SOUNDRING D483SR Round Stylus



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Soundring Number: 483

Cartridge Number: AT6

Cartridge Type: Moving Magnet

Stylus Tip: Conical

Tracking Force: 3.0-4.0g


Brands/Stylus using this stylus:

Audio Technica: AT6-5D

Columbia - Denon: DSN23, DSN11, DSN12, DSN13, DSN10

C.E.C: MC65

Hitachi: DSST3

Kenwood Trio: N6AT

JVC Nivico: DT21H, DT16


Nagaoka: N33

Onkyo: DN13ST, DN5ST

Sanyo: ST12D

Sansui: ST6D, SN21

Pioneer: PLN6, PLN7

Piezo: Y950

Sony: ND113P

Sharp: N05D, N065

Yamaha: N3000

Toshiba: NN4C

Kriesler: AT6-5D


Brands/Cartridges using this stylus:

Audio Technica: AT6

Columbia - Denon: PU1340, PU1344, SMC250

Hitachi: MFS170, MFS171

Kenwood Trio: V09

JVC: HMD1004

NEC: NS810, NS812

Nagaoka: NM33

Onkyo: OC5M, OC13M

Sanyo: MG03

Sansui: AT6

Pioneer: PLC6, PLC7

Piezo: YM103

Sony: VM98

Sharp: C91D

Toshiba: C07M, 


Brands/Turntables or Systems using this stylus:

Sony: HP180, HP550, PS250

Sharp: GS2900, GS5600, GS5710, GS5720, GS5800, GS5810, GS5820

Yamaha: YM30, YM32, YM33, YM35, YM40, YM42, YM43, YM45, YM48

Toshiba: MS40, MS70, SM500, SR10, SR520

Kriesler: 11-159



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