SOUNDRING D957SR Ceramic Stereo Stylus



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Soundring Number: 957

Cartridge Number: JM45

Cartridge Type: Ceramic

Stylus Tip: Stereo

Tracking Force: 6.0g


Brands/Stylus using this stylus:

Columbia - Denon: SJN45, DSN45

Hitachi: SJN45

General Electric: N46398

JVC Nivico: DT51

NEC - Nihon: LP35D, NS815

Sanyo: STG5

Philips: CZ680

Expo: DSN45A

Emerson: DSN45A

Voxon: VH1, VH8, VH24

Toshiba: SM33

Thorn: RG1441, RG1442, RG1444

Silver: SS94, SS3850, SS8300

Sharp: DSN45A

Rank Arena: RA5C, RA50, RA100MC, RA304



Brands/Cartridges using this stylus:

Columbia - Denon: JC24, JM45

JVC Nivico: CZ680/9

Philips: CZ680


Brands/Turntables or Systems using this stylus:

General Electric: DCP180A, MC500, MC700

JVC Nivico: MF23R

NEC - Nihon: MC225, MC253, MC255E

Sanyo: DC45K, DC4504, DC5006K, DCM300, DCM4404K, DCWM20, DCWM40, DCWM100, DCWM150, DCWM300, DXT4530, DXT5006, DXT5007, GXT100, GXT160, GXT170, GXT200, GXT211, GXT300, GXT320, GXT250, GXT360, GXT520, GXT550, GXT4404, GXT4414, GXT4504, GXT4530, GXT4535, GXT4536, GXT4615, JXT55, JXT4404, JXT6420, JXT6430, JXT6440, JXT6444, MT6360

Philips: AH910, AH971, CZ680, EAK1002, EAK1005, EAK1012, KS1600, KS1800, KS1900, S1210, S1218, A1228, S1310, S1801, S2440, S2460, S2600, S2700, S8056, XA4,  XA4002, XA4200, XA6000, XA6600, XB1P

Expo: HS3610, HS8527, MC200, MCE100

Emerson: MC259, MC1100, MC1400, MC1500, MC2590, MC2593

Voxon: VH1, VH8, VH24

Toshiba: SM33

Thorn: RG1441, RG1442, RG1444

Silver: SS94, 3850, 8300, System 83

Sharp: GSTV3, GSTV8, SG45

Rank Arena: RA5C, RA50, RA100MC, RA304

PYE: C2680, C2689, DL12, DL16, EAK1005, EAK1012, EAK1013, EAK1014, EAK1015, FV110HR, MC1, MC2, MC3, MC4, MC5, MC6, MC7, MC8, MC561, MC581, MC582, MC600, MC2137, MC2317, MC5128, MC5328, MC5335, MC5400, MC5627, MC5913, MC7129, MC7139, MC7339, MC7529, MC7700, MC8334, MC8700, MRC3, MRC5, MRC7, MRC8, MS1B, MS2, MS3, MS4, MS5E, MS6, MS7, MS8, MS160, MS1342, MS2118, MS2137, MS2334, MS2336, MS2337, MS2700, MS3400, MS3636, MS3641, MS4000, MS4200, MS4344, MS5340, MS6200, MS6337, MS6340, MS7200, MS7337, MS7340, MS8334, MS8337, MS8700, MZ3ER, MZ8D, MZ334, MZ1000, MZ2959, MZ3347, MZ3400, MZ3847, MZ8548, QD40, SH1, SH2, SH1337, SH1342, SH2337, SH2964, SN1, SN1200, SN1337, SN1342, SR6E, SR6200, SR6337, ST6342, TA8, TA18




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