About Us

Soundring was established in 1976 to supply replacement styli and cartridges to the Australian market. 

Back in 2013 we took over the business as a sister website to our Decibel Hi Fi business that we've been running since 2002 which covers a more comprehensive range of Hi Fi products and accessories.

Our passion is vinyl and we love sharing our knowledge and experience, gained over 40 years, in order that you might also experience the pleasure of listening to vinyl records.

As with Decibel Hi Fi our aim is always to source quality products at reasonable prices. 

Although many of the original cartridges and styli for turntables manufactured in the 60s and 70s are no longer available, there are third party manufacturers producing replacements of excellent quality for almost every brand and model imaginable.

We have manufacturers in Japan, South America and Europe.

Sometimes the hardest part about replacing your stylus is knowing which one. Given we have over 700 different styli, and many are used in a variety of brands and models, that's not surprising.

But don't despair. Try typing in the search bar any information you have such as the turntable model, cartridge model or stylus number. Or even part of that information. Just remember to leave out any dashes or space. 

You can try searching by picture group for those that look similar, or phone us with your information. Even email some photos and we'll do the searching for you.


As we are an online retailer we don't have a retail shop. However all our stock is in the one location south of Brisbane and you're welcome to collect an order if you are local. Just call first and arrange a time.

We also do turntable repairs. Once again call to arrange a time to drop off your turntable for service.


Call or email if we can help in any way to get you moving on your vinyl journey.


Phone: 0486 022 777    Email: sales@soundring.com.au

PO Box 92, Esk, QLD 4312.



All prices are quoted in Australian $. including GST. (for deliveries outside Australia GST will not be charged)


We accept payment via Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express and Direct Deposit to our bank account.

Australia only: Moneyorders and Personal Cheques are accepted as well.


All our products are warranted to be free of any defect in material and workmanship for a period of 3 months.


Within Australia.

Replacement Styli  & Turntable Belts: Free delivery any destination.
Cartridges & vinyl record accessories: Australia Post calculated by postcode.


Australia Post calculated by country destination.


You may also find some helpful information on our "Frequently Asked Questions" page