SOUNDRING D1041SR Round Stylus


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Soundring Number: 1041

Cartridge Number: AT3492P

Cartridge Type: Variable Magnet

Stylus Tip: Conical

Tracking Force: 1.3g


Brands/Stylus using this stylus:

Akai : RS35, RS33

Audio Technica : ATN3492P, ATN3472P, ATN3482P, ATN 101P

AWA : ATN3472P

CEC : N103

CDC : N103

Dual : DN450

Glenwood : ATN3472P

Hitachi : DSST14, DSST12

JVC Nivico : DT57, DT45

Kenwood Trio : N63

Marantz : CT140, CT451, CT440, CT430, CT340, CT240, CT185, CT170, CT165

Mitsubishi : 3D57M

National Panasonic Technics : EPS91SMD

NEC : LP444

Pioneer : PN295T, PN250T, PN305T

PYE : M28E

Realistic Tandy : RX8500

Sansui : SNP515

Sanyo : STM11, STF8D, ST44J

Sharp : STY131

Sherwood : PS9700, ST891

Sony : ND145G

TEAC : BD65, BD80, PS50

Toshiba : N32M

Voxon : VH777


Brands/Cartridges using this stylus:

Akai : PC33, PC35

Audio Technica : AT101P, AT3472, 92P, AT3482P, 92EP

Dual : MPP450

Hitachi : MT12

JVC Nivico : MD1045

National Panasonic Technics : EPC-P34

Pioneer : PC250

Sony : XL50, XL70, VL45G


Brands/Turntables or Systems using this stylus:

Akai : ACM512, APA1, APA2, APA50, APA100, APA101, APA102, APA150, APA200, APA201, APA301, APA305, APA400, APA510, APM11, APM31, APM33, APM35, APM300, APM305, APM310, APM315, APM459, APM512, APM659, APX1C, Pro400, ProA100. ProA102, ProA200, ProA201, ProA202, ProA300, ProA302, ProA400, ProA402, SystemM300, SystemM305, SystemM310, SystemM313, SystemM315

AWA : S38, S39, S43, S46, S300, S400, SM43

CEC : ST210, ST230, ST610

CDC : ST210, ST230, ST610

Dual : CS3510

Hitachi : HT1, HT2, HT3, HT7, HT12, HT17, HT101, HT202, HT207, HTD30W, HTL33, HTW07, HTW08, MD02, MD11, MD12, SDT53L

JVC Nivico : ALA1, AL151, ALF3, ALF30, ALF350, ALFQ555, L1, LA2A, LC50, LE20B, LE22, LE33, LE50, LE300, ALFP7BK

Kenwood Trio : KD26R, KD64F, KD65F

Marantz : TT140, TT165, TT170, TT185, TT240, TT340, TT430, TT440, TT451, TT2462

National Panasonic Technics : SLBD22, SLBD22K

Pioneer : Avanti: 3000, 3100, 4000, 4100, 5000, 5100, 6000, 7000, 8000, Persona X220, X550, X880, PL295, PL450, PL470, PL480, PL555Z, PL560, PL570, PL670, PL860, PL880, PLX33, PLX44, PLX55, PLX77, PLX88, PLX99, PLX220, PLX300, PLX333Z, PLX505, PLX555Z, PLX707, PLX777, PLX888Z

PYE : M28E

Realistic-Tandy : LAB701, LAB801, RX8500

Sansui : CRM330, PD11, PD21, PD15, PD31, PD41, PL15, PL33, PL35, PL41, PL45, PL41, PL55, PL95R, PM50, PM55, PM330, PM500, PM70, PM77, PM900, R410, P-L45

Sanyo : System 346, TP88, TP222, TP240, TP266, TP268, TP366, TP430, TP567, TPF8, TPM11, TPW400

Sherwood : PS 9700, ST 891

Sony : PSFL77C, PSLX430, PSLX500C

TEAC : APB 360, BD 65, BD80, CR 500, CR 700, JC 70, Midi 1000, P 45, P 90, P 365, P 367, P 380, P 480, P 690, PJ 51, PJ 61, PJ 470, PJ 480, PJ 690, PS 50, SP 1000, SP 3000, ST 320, ST 610

Voxon : TT444, VH777







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