D603SR Round Stylus



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Soundring Number: 603

Cartridge Number: AT10

Cartridge Type: Variable Magnet

Stylus Tip: Conical

Tracking Force: 2.5g


Brands/Stylus using this stylus:

Akai : APN5, APN2

Audio Technica : ATS10

AWA : VM8-7D, VM87D


Columbia  Denon : DSN28

Crown : AMXA5, AMXA2

General Electric : S100L

Healing : VM6-7, VM67

Hitachi : DSST26


JVC Nivico : DT35, DT31

Kenwood Trio : N41A, N33, N32, N40, N42

Linear Design : DP350

Mitsubishi : 3D40M

National Panasonic Technics : EPS35STSD, EPS34STSD, EPS31STSD, EPS30STSD

NEC Nihon : LP7000D

Onkyo : DN32ST, DN27ST

Philips : AH975, PH975

PYE : FL2500, PU330

Sansui : SN43

Sanyo : ST35VD, ST36VD

Sharp : STY703, STY202, N20D, STY213

Sony : ND129P

TEAC : P7, P9, PS300, PS500

Toshiba : N52DY, N53DY

Yamaha : N6500


Brands/Cartridges using this stylus:

Audio Technica : AT10, AT10L, AT11, AT11E, AT12, AT12S

AWA : B420, LT5V, QX810, 5800

Columbia Denon : JM12, JM13

Hitachi : VFS260, VFS261

Kenwood Trio : V32, V33

Mitsubishi : MAG3

Onkyo : OC27V, OC32

Sharp : C95D, Cart703

Toshiba : C52M

Yamaha : CG6500


Brands Turntables/Systems using this stylus:

Aiwa : AP001, AP002

Akai : AP001C, AP003, AP007

AWA : B420, LT5V, QX810, QX5800

Crown : AMXA2, AMX5, AMXA86, AMXA90

Healing : 3 in 1, 45254, Sceptre 80, Stereo 10

Hitachi : HT10RM, HT320, HT350, HT353, HT460, HT840, MT03, PS8, PS10, PS12, PS14, PS15, PS17, PS33, PS38, PS48, PS58, SDT7675

HMV : BSR TJD4X, Music Centre, Sceptre80, Zodiac

JVC Nivico : MD1029

Kenwood Trio : KD5066, ST5V

National Panasonic Technics : SAP829, SG2050, SG2080, SL29A, SL31, SL41, SL42, SL2050, SL2080, SS4025, SS7000, SS7100, SS8020, SS8030L

Onkyo : CP60A, GP60A

Philips : AH975, AH978, AH980, AH982, RH975

PYE : FL2500, Isotronic, PU330

Sanyo : DXT5404, DXT5828, YP728, TP825, TP929A, TP1100, TP1200, TP1800, TP3250, TP8250

Sansui : FR5080S, SR636, SR737, SV40X

Sharp : GS5624, GS5721, RP203, RP1133, RP3500, SG500H

Sony : HP580, MQ100

TEAC : P7, P9, PS300, PS500, PX50, PX300, PX500

Toshiba : SM360, SM380, SM390, SM2200, SM3100, SM3150, SM3200, SM3500, SM3600, SM3650, SM5200, SX150, SX220, SX2200

Yahama : FS55, FS555



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Shipping Width 0.060m
Shipping Height 0.015m
Shipping Length 0.080m

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